Art 1 Sketchbooks

Quarter 1 (2016-17)

SKBK No.1: Zentangle Animalzentangle bear

SKBK No.2: Edgar Allan POE!

edgar allan poe.jpg

Quarter 2 (2016-17)

SKBK No.3: Identity Silhouette

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

SKBK No.4: Contour Line Face

contour line face hannah plishner 2015.jpg

SKBK No.5: The 100 COLOR Challenge!


SKBK No.6: Day of the Dead

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

Quarter 3 (2016-17)

SKBK No. 7: Metamorphosis or Hybrid

acorn to bee

 SKBK No.8: Zoom-In + Multiple Views

still life food 4

SKBK 9: Real Life vs. Cartoon Portrait

girl biting her lip

Quarter 4:

For Quarter No.4 SKETCHBOOK Assignments you will be able to choose the order of completion! You may turn in No.10-13 in any order, just make sure you turn in one of them on the following due dates:


RED Day = May 4th & BLUE Day = May 5th

2nd Due Date:

RED Day = May 18th & BLUE Day = May 19th

3rd Due Date:

 BLUE Day = June 1st & RED Day = June 2nd

4th Due Date:

 RED Day = June 12th & BLUE Day = June 13th

(NOTE: If there is something going on the day a sketchbook is due (i.e. you are taking an exam or you do not have art class that day) the SKETCHBOOK IS STILL DUE!!! You can drop it off after-school, during lunch, in between classes, or turn it in the class before! ***NO EXCUSES! You have knowledge of the due dates in advance!

Pet Cartoon Portrait

Winston is always plotting chris beetow

 A Walk in My Shoes

walk in my shoes

Common Multiples

multiple visuals 10

 Tree House

tree house on the water

 *only if you are not choosing the tree house for your studio project.



A World In A Jar

what would you keep in a jar

Robots, Goblins & Monsters, Oh My!

Ribbon Drawing

ribbon painting

CD Weaving

cd picture



Low-Relief Cardboard Face

cardboard faces

Open Choice – Oh, goodie!

*idea HAS TO BE APPROVED by Mrs. Eller FIRST!

art tools

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