Art 1 Sketchbooks

Mastery Objective(s): the student will…

chart visual artistic progress by recording creative experiments & exercises, ideas + practice, notes + reflections in a sketchbook.

This course and your personal growth as an artist require that you begin working in your sketchbook during the first weeks of school. For this purpose, you will need to obtain either a spiral bound or hardbound sketchbook (8.5″ x 11″ or 9″ x 12″). If you are unable to get a spiral bound or hardbound sketchbook, you will need to purchase a plastic three-prong folder with pockets. If you opt for report covers, you will also need a pack of white computer paper. A three-hole punch will be available in the art studio, but you may find it helpful to have one at home. 

Some examples of SKETCHBOOKS that have proven to last and have great paper:

For our area/location Michael’s, A.C. Moore, Staples, or Dick Blick is best for shopping. 

Coupons are usually available for Michael’s and A.C. Moore on a daily basis with access from your mobile device. 

Sketchbooks will be turned in for grading on the Friday of the first week of the month. Sketchbooks may be submitted one day late, but as a result, will be docked one full letter grade. NO SKETCHBOOKS will be accepted for credit with major sketchbook assignments UNFINISHED or more than one day beyond the collection date!

Also use your sketchbook to:

DrawTry out NEW MEDIADoodleWrite notes to yourselfMake lists of ideasCopy inspirational quotesSketch on locationPlan projectsCollect clippingsParticipate in doodle or drawing challenges

This is a collection of all your creative thoughts and will become an invaluable resource for ideas as well as a wonderful record of your progress, so:

DATE & LABEL PAGES…so you know when + what!

NEVER ERASE OR REMOVE A PAGE…so you have evidence of what you have done and where you were artistically, compared to where you will be in the future!


Quarter No.1

SKBK No.1: Zentangle Animalzentangle bear

SKBK No.2: Choose 1 out of 3!

Choice #1:

Edgar Allan POE!

Poe detail 3 - Emily

Choice #2:

Robots, Goblins & Monsters, Oh My!

SKBK Monsters Robots Sample 5.jpg  IMG_5276.JPG

Choice #3:


SKBK Fear Allie c 2021
Allie c.2021

Quarter No.3

SKBK No.3: Ribbon Drawing

ribbon painting

SKBK No.4: A World In A Jar

what would you keep in a jar

SKBK No.5: Common Multiples

Katie Rose c.2021

Quarter No.3:

SKBK No.6: Metamorphosis or Hybrid

SKBK Hybrid Julianne c 2021
Julianne c.2021

SKBK No.7: Contour Line Facecontour line face - hannah

Eye Spy

Eye Spy SKBK - Juliannec.21  Julianne Joven

Zoom-In + Multiple Views

Fruit Zoom-In SKBK.jpg

Tree House

Treehouse SKBK - Hannah


SKBK dream dessert Class of 2021 Tori



tabitha eller blintzes_web
Tabitha JE Eller “Cherry Blintzes”, Marker and White Gel Pen. 2018.

Real Life vs. Cartoon Portrait

SKBK cartoon Class of 2020 Hannah.jpg

 Identity Silhouette

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead c.2020 f

Pet Cartoon Portrait

Winston is always plotting chris beetow

 A Walk in My Shoes

Lauren V Allenwalk in my shoes
Lauren V Allen “Walk In My Shoes”, Mixed Media and Collage, 2011.

CD Weaving

cd picture

Low-Relief Cardboard Face

cardboard faces

Open Choice – Oh, goodie!

art tools

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