Low-Relief Cardboard Faces

Essential Question(s):

1. What is the definition of proportion and low-relief sculpture?

2. What are the realistic proportions of a human face?                                                          

3. How can an artist use a low-relief technique to create a portrait?  

4. What other Elements of Art and Principles of Design can be focused on to create a successful low-relief cardboard sculpture ?

Line? Texture? Value? Space (positive and/or negative)? Shape? Form?

Mastery Objective(s): The student will…

1. demonstrate their understanding of low-relief sculpture techniques by creating a portrait of an individual. 



  1. Media: Cardboard and Sharpie
  2. Size: Must be at least 16″ x 10″, but can be larger.
  3. Must have at least 4 layers.
  4. The portrait must be of someone you know or yourself. (For instance, the photograph you are working from is your own. Non-Plagarism.)