Sketchbook No.11: A Walk in My Shoes

Essential Question(s):

1. What is collage and mixed media?

2. What is layering and how does it affect the work?

3. How can an artist use a specific perspective to influence the viewer’s point of view?  

Mastery Objective(s): The student will…

1. demonstrate their understanding of the Elements of Art, the Principle of Design, balance, and the art process, collage, by creating a two-page spread conveying the abstract concept, ‘what it means, feels, and/or looks like to take a walk in your shoes’.

walk in my shoes


  1. Sketchbook is completed on a 2-page spread, focusing on the Principle of Design, BALANCE. Choose one of the following 3 types of balance:
    •  Symmetrical
    • Asymmetrical
    • Radial
  2. Artist is using the artistic process: COLLAGE
    • please do not use magazine for your collage (it is shiny and will resist most mediums that you try to use on top)
    • appropriate collage material ideas:
      • maps
      • scrap papers with drawings that you have done
      • colored paper
      • patterned paper
      • ribbons
      • newspaper
      • book pages
  3. Artist is creating multiple LAYERS, using MIXED MEDIA:
    • the example above is using
      • 1st layer: watercolor
      • 2nd layer: collaged map
      • 3rd layer: pen and ink/Sharpie/marker/watercolor
      • 4th layer: pen and ink
    • Use multiple mediums, PEN & INK, Sharpies or Markers, and/or WATERCOLOR!
  4. Drawing: a realistic version of your feet from your perspective!
    1. draw with the most realism possible your shoes and feet from above.

This sketchbook assignment is ‘open-ended’. Meaning that you are given a prompt to get you started and then you have more freedom to be creative and take the prompt in the direction it leads you.


Take your viewer on a walk in your shoes! Where have you been, where are you now, and where are you going?

In addition to the view from above your feet, add any words or images that show your viewer about your past, present, and what you want for your future.


Student Samples:

SKBK Walk In My Shoes c 2019

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Student Sample 2

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Student Sample 3

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Student Sample 4

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Student Sample 5

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Student Sample 6

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Student Sample 7

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Student Sample 8

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Sample 9.JPG

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Student Sample 1

SKBK Walk In My Shoes Iris