Art 2 Sketchbooks

Mastery Objective(s): the student will…

chart visual artistic progress by recording creative experiments & exercises, ideas + practice, notes + reflections in a sketchbook.

This course and your personal growth as an artist require that you begin working in your sketchbook during the first weeks of school. For this purpose, you will need to obtain either a spiral bound or hardbound sketchbook (8.5″ x 11″ or 9″ x 12″). If you are unable to get a spiral bound or hardbound sketchbook, you will need to purchase a plastic three-prong folder with pockets. If you opt for report covers, you will also need a pack of white computer paper. A three-hole punch will be available in the art studio, but you may find it helpful to have one at home.

Some examples of SKETCHBOOKS that have proven to last and have great paper:



















For our area/location Michael’sA.C. MooreStaples, or Dick Blick is best for shopping.

Coupons are usually available for Michael’s and A.C. Moore on a daily basis with access from your mobile device.

Sketchbooks will be turned in for grading on the Friday of the last week of the month. Sketchbooks may be submitted one day late, but as a result, will be docked one full letter grade. NO SKETCHBOOKS will be accepted for credit with major sketchbook assignments UNFINISHED or more than one day beyond the collection date!

Also use your sketchbook to:

Draw…Try out NEW MEDIA…Doodle…Write notes to yourself…Make lists of ideas…Copy inspirational quotes…Sketch on location…Plan projects…Collect clippings…Participate in doodle or drawings challenges

This is a collection of all your creative thoughts and will become an invaluable resource for ideas as well as a wonderful record of your progress, so:

DATE & LABEL PAGES…so you know when + what!

NEVER ERASE OR REMOVE A PAGE…so you have evidence of what you have done and where you were artistically, compared to where you will be in the future!

Quarter 1 (2018-2019)

SKBK No. 1: OPEN Choice

gakaxy pic.jpg

due OCTOBER 5th

SKBK No. 2: drawing WITHIN the drawing

drawing within a drawing

due OCTOBER 26th

Quarter 2 (2018-2019)

SKBK No. 3: Contour Line Hands

skbk 3 hands

SKBK No. 4: Man-Made Still Life Object



due November 26th

SKBK No. 5: OPEN Choice with Challenge

due December 21st

SKBK No. 6: Self-Portrait

Danielle Bostic Savannah Arts Academy Educator(s): Steve Schetski Scholastic Gold Medal, 2011

due January 24th

SKETCHBOOK No. 7: Zoom-In + Multiple Views

Fruit Zoom-In SKBK.jpg

Quarter 3 (2018-2019)

SKETCHBOOK No.8: Visual Journal PROMPT!!


due March 22nd

SKETCHBOOK No.9: Visual Journal PROMPT #2!!

Quarter 4 (2018-2019)


Visual Study Sample A.jpg

due Monday, May 13th!