2014-2015 NHS Art & Photography Awards!

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Distinction in Art or Photography is awarded to our students with a strong body of work and exhibit the most dedicated work ethic to their craft. Each student who has earned this award are the elite artists and photographers of his or her classes.

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Most Growth in Art or Photography is awarded to our students who have shown the most improvement throughout their art or photography classes. This award is especially notable, because it is typically earned by the student who may not see themselves as an artist or photographer. He or she may not have ‘natural talent’ for a specific set of skills, but through his or her determination and sheer effort they have improved drastically. In many ways, they have gained the most and learned far more than most students.

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2014-2015 NHS Art & Photography Awardees

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(pictured above bottom left to top right: Logan Bridges, Lili Morales, Matthew Gibson, Meghan White, Enrique Leon Rodriguez, Mrs. Tabitha Eller, Ashlyn Scoggins, David Moncada Aguilar, Emmalynn Todd, Keanne Jones, & Nichole McClay Kallahan *not pictured: Cavre Carrington & Jenson Hamilton)

2014-2015 NHS Art Awardees

Distinction in Drawing AP Studio Art:

Emmalynn Todd

Distinction in 2-D AP Studio Art:

Keanne Jones

Distinction in Photography AP Studio Art:

Ashlyn Scoggins

Most Growth in Drawing AP Studio Art:

Enrique Leon Rodriguez & Lili Morales

Distinction in Proficient Art:

David Moncada Aguilar & Nichole McClay Kallahan & Meghan White

Distinction in Intermediate Art:

Cavre Carrrington

Most Growth in Intermediate Art:

Logan Bridges

Distinction in Beginning Art:

Matthew Gibson & Jenson Hamilton

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2014-2015 NHS Photography Awardees


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Keanne Jones

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Meghan White

Spilling Blooms, 2014. Mixed Media, 3 ft. x 8 ft.
Spilling Blooms, 2014. Mixed Media, 3 ft. x 8 ft.

Dominic Taylor

Guitar No. 1 , 2014. Digital Print.
Guitar No. , 2014. Digital Print.


Dominic Taylor

Guitar Series


Durham Women’s Club Art Festival Winners!

NHS Arts Department is proud to announce our winners from the Durham Women’s Club Art Festival:


Alberto Sanchez



1st place – Meghan White


1st place – Alberto Sanchez

2nd place – Genesis Rivas

3rd place – Keanne Jones


1st place – Emmalynn Todd

DWC Art Winners 2(from Left to Right: Meghan White, Emma Todd, Alberto Sanchez, & Keanne Jones)


2nd place – Lili Morales

DWC Art Winners 3

(from Left to Right: Christy Reynolds, Lily Morales & Genesis Rivas not pictured: Nichole Kallahan)


1st place – Shytina Howze

2nd place – Christy Reynolds

3rd place – Nichole Kallahan


2nd place – Emma Todd

DWC Art Winners 1

(from Left to Right: Shytina Howze & Emma Todd)


1st place – Angie Garcia

2nd place – Brittany Thaxton

3rd place – Shadell Lowe

DWC Art Winners 4

(from Left to Right: Angie Garcia, Brittany Thaxton & Shadell Lowe)

We appreciate the opportunity that The Durham Women’s Club presents to our students by holding this Art Festival. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of our talented students!



Mrs. Allen’s Photography classes and Mrs. Eller’s Art classes went to the NC State Fair on Thursday, October 25th to critique art entered in to the art competition and participate in a photo scavenger hunt! Our photo scavenger hunt included:

1. shoot motion on 3 different rides

2. 2 PORTRAITS of chickens

3. selfie with the LARGEST PUMPKIN

4. 5 PORTRAITS of strangers, each with a name + random fact

5. an ‘artsy’ pic of something deep-fried

6. 1 photo that REPRESENTS the FAIR

7. a detailed shot of the largest SHOPPING CART ever

8. a photo of award-winning PRODUCE that uses the principle of design “PATTERN”

9. take a panning shot of a PIG RACE

10. get a portrait of an artisan in costume at ‘YESTERYEAR’

11. make friends with your favorite carnie + get a selfie with him or her (name + a random fact)

12. a unique shot of an award-winning ANIMAL

13. 1 photo of “WHAT the FAIR means to you”

Below, Ashlyn is milking a cow for the first time!

State Fair Ashlyn S.

It was a fun day had by all and our Northern Knights had a blast!