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2014-2015 NHS Art & Photography Awards!

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Distinction in Art or Photography is awarded to our students with a strong body of work and exhibit the most dedicated work ethic to their craft. Each student who has earned this award are the elite artists and photographers of his or her classes.

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Most Growth in Art or Photography is awarded to our students who have shown the most improvement throughout their art or photography classes. This award is especially notable, because it is typically earned by the student who may not see themselves as an artist or photographer. He or she may not have ‘natural talent’ for a specific set of skills, but through his or her determination and sheer effort they have improved drastically. In many ways, they have gained the most and learned far more than most students.

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2014-2015 NHS Art & Photography Awardees

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(pictured above bottom left to top right: Logan Bridges, Lili Morales, Matthew Gibson, Meghan White, Enrique Leon Rodriguez, Mrs. Tabitha Eller, Ashlyn Scoggins, David Moncada Aguilar, Emmalynn Todd, Keanne Jones, & Nichole McClay Kallahan *not pictured: Cavre Carrington & Jenson Hamilton)

2014-2015 NHS Art Awardees

Distinction in Drawing AP Studio Art:

Emmalynn Todd

Distinction in 2-D AP Studio Art:

Keanne Jones

Distinction in Photography AP Studio Art:

Ashlyn Scoggins

Most Growth in Drawing AP Studio Art:

Enrique Leon Rodriguez & Lili Morales

Distinction in Proficient Art:

David Moncada Aguilar & Nichole McClay Kallahan & Meghan White

Distinction in Intermediate Art:

Cavre Carrrington

Most Growth in Intermediate Art:

Logan Bridges

Distinction in Beginning Art:

Matthew Gibson & Jenson Hamilton

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2014-2015 NHS Photography Awardees


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Keanne Jones

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Meghan White

Spilling Blooms, 2014. Mixed Media, 3 ft. x 8 ft.
Spilling Blooms, 2014. Mixed Media, 3 ft. x 8 ft.

Dominic Taylor

Guitar No. 1 , 2014. Digital Print.
Guitar No. , 2014. Digital Print.


Dominic Taylor

Guitar Series