Mrs. Allen’s Photography classes and Mrs. Eller’s Art classes went to the NC State Fair on Thursday, October 25th to critique art entered in to the art competition and participate in a photo scavenger hunt! Our photo scavenger hunt included:

1. shoot motion on 3 different rides

2. 2 PORTRAITS of chickens

3. selfie with the LARGEST PUMPKIN

4. 5 PORTRAITS of strangers, each with a name + random fact

5. an ‘artsy’ pic of something deep-fried

6. 1 photo that REPRESENTS the FAIR

7. a detailed shot of the largest SHOPPING CART ever

8. a photo of award-winning PRODUCE that uses the principle of design “PATTERN”

9. take a panning shot of a PIG RACE

10. get a portrait of an artisan in costume at ‘YESTERYEAR’

11. make friends with your favorite carnie + get a selfie with him or her (name + a random fact)

12. a unique shot of an award-winning ANIMAL

13. 1 photo of “WHAT the FAIR means to you”

Below, Ashlyn is milking a cow for the first time!

State Fair Ashlyn S.

It was a fun day had by all and our Northern Knights had a blast!

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