Pull Up A Chair

Research & Planning

Scavenger Hunt

  1. Go to www.pinterest.com and sign-in.

*If you did not create a Pinterest account, you can go to…


…for instructions.

  1. Create a board named – craft: pull up a chair.
  1. Make sure you are following me, so I can find your board to grade the scavenger hunt.

Type into the search field ‘Tabitha Eller’ and chose the button ‘pinners’ and I will pop up and you can choose to follow me. Once you follow me, it will be easy for me to follow you back and check your work.


For example, I chose this pin for ‘animal characteristics’, so I typed that in under the description area.

Click on the image below to view the example in larger format.pinterest example

  1. Then begin your scavenger hunt…

You are looking for inspiration for a chair design. It can be actual chair designs OR other art, for example, paintings, drawings, or sculptures that give you inspiration. Remember, you may steal ideas, but not copy. So what you pin is not your final design, but meant to help brainstorm and spark ideas.

You will be required to ‘add’ to the chair and you can also ‘subtract’. You will be given a wooden chair and you will be working a group that I choose for you. *So do not get too attached to an idea, rather be ready to share and mesh ideas with others!


Find a chair design that…


  1. has animal characteristics

  2. is ugly

  3. has texture

  4. looks comfortable

  5. has pattern

  6. is modern

  7. is strange & weird

  8. you would buy and put in your house

Find something that…


  1. represents your favorite things (colors, sports, animals, etc.)

  2. represents your favorite things #2

  3. represents your favorite things #3

  4. represents your style (clothes, cars, shoes, life)

  5. represents your style #2

  6. represents your style #3

  7. represents things you dislike

  8. a fabric with a design/colors you like

  9. represents your culture

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