How to create a PINTEREST account!

1. Go to

pin example 1

2. Enter your email address and make up a password that you can remember!

pin example 2

3. Enter your screen name, age, and gender.

pin example 3

pin example 4

4. Choose your interests: for the purpose of this class, anything art, photography, sculpture, design, drawing, or typography related will work well.

pin example 5

5. Next, create a board. Title it ‘INSPIRATION’ or anything you want…

pin example 6

6. Then follow me, so we can communicate, etc. Type in my name, Tabitha Eller, in the search bar and press the ‘pinners’ tab and you should see my picture pop up. Below, it is the first one.

pin example 7

7. Now, begin pinning anything that is inspirational to you that you find on any of the websites I have asked you to visit. You should have at least 50+ pins by the end of the summer.

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