EOA Study Guide

You will be given a specific amount of time at each table to do the assignment given. As you move from table to table click on the images below to go to the link with the assignment instructions.

To help jog your memory of the literal & visual definitions of the Elements of Art you are going to create an info-graphic study guide to go in your sketchbook!

The class together…

Step No.1:

Lightly folding the paper in half to find the mid-way point, fold the sides to the halfway point and then measure out seven equal sections.  From there, cut slits to the fold. Neatness counts!

TABLE No.1: Elements of Art 


4 image

TABLE No.2: Elements of Art 


7 image

TABLE No.3: Elements of Art 


writing icon

TABLE No.4: Elements of Art


value scale

TABLE No.5: Elements of Art



TABLE No.6: Elements of Art



TABLE No.7: Elements of Art

Visual Literacy – Analyzing Images

visual literacy

TABLE No.8: Elements of Art

Visual Literacy – Elements in Pattern

orange with black

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