BOXED: Container

DUE: Thursday, October 7th      

(LAST DAY TO TURN IN: Tuesday, October 12th)

Essential Question(s):

  1. What are functional objects? Are they art?
  2. Why do humans create functional objects? What are some of the first known to modern man?
  3. Why do humans feel the need to decorate an object?
  4. How can one create a mood or emotion using the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design?
  5. Why do different non-related cultures produce functional objects that are similar to each other in form and function?

Mastery Objective(s): The student will…

  1. create a container that reflects the object “contained” through the aesthetic and conceptual manipulation of student chosen media and subject matter.
Idea/Theme of Studio Project to explore:  BOXED


What are containers?   Why are they needed?   What are some different kinds?

What is contained?   Feelings? Memories? Personality?   Why do they all look different?

What is the message/story?   Identity of self? culture? city?

What spills out of the story & WHY?

Why did you choose your materials? Are they found or made?

HOW DOES THE container relate to what’s INSIDE?


  1. Download PINTEREST app and set-up an account. Click the ‘HAPPY Pinning!’ link below for help setting up an account.

HAPPY Pinning!

  • You can pin, comment, and send message to your teacher through PINTEREST for response
  1.   As a pair (partner with the person sitting next to you at your table):
  • both of you find at least 3 different examples of BOXED ‘containers’ and at least 2 of them are from different cultures.
  • comment on why the group found the container INSPIRING & PIN under a board titled ‘inspire’.
  • send pins to ‘Tabitha Eller’ as you pin!

Examples on Mrs.Tabitha Eller’s PINTEREST BOARD – art:boxed sculpture.




  • create a container that reflects the idea/theme: BOXED
  • create a container that reflects the object “contained” (student chosen subject matter) through the mood and feeling portrayed inside & out through the Elements of Art
  • medium/materials: student chosen media using at least 2 sculpture techniques.

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