What supplies do I need for my ART class?!

There are 3 items that you are required to bring to class daily:

pencil.png1. a pencil

Your very own drawing utensil…the best, especially in the beginning, is a wooden graphite pencil that can be sharpened and has an eraser. You will be working on shading techniques within the first month of class and a mechanical pencil does not have the same capabilities as the good ole’ No. 2 pencil! Towards the end of the year, when we begin Linear Perspective, you are welcome to switch to your mechanical pencil 🙂

2. a sketchbook

a book filled with paper to collect all of your notes, ideas and sketches for this year of art. The ideal sketchbook for this class is one that is either book-bound or spiral- bound with mixed media paper that is over 90 lbs. (Minimum: 9 in. x 9 in. /Maximum: 9 in. x 12 in.) You need to avoid the sketchbooks with tape along the top or perforated pages because the pages will begin to fall out sooner than later. Also don’t purchase the sketchbooks with the thin, slick paper, as that paper does not work well with a range of mediums. Follow this link for more info on sketchbooks: SKETCHBOOKS!

3. your chromebook


bring the school issued chromebook you received with a full charge for every class. You will use the chromebook daily for your warm-up and other assignments in class.

If you bring these items daily you will be prepared, good to go and ready for what is coming your way!




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