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How to Make a WordPress Blog + Post to It

1.Go to wordpress.com.

2.Create a new website.



4.Register by entering your email address, username, password, and blog address.


5.This is what it will look like when you sign in. It will show you the blogs you follow (if you want).


6.When you hover over your icon, you can click on your username and it will take you to your “dashboard.”


7.This is your “Dashboard”. You can view your blog’s statistics, blogs, and access your settings here.



8.On the left hand side tool bar, click on Appearance>Themes to pick your blogs template. Be sure to pick a theme that allows for big photographs.

8 8-2

9.You can also add “Widgets” to your blog. Widgets are extras to put on your blog, such as your instagram feed, a category cloud, a “follow me” button, etc. These are found in Appearances>Widgets.


10.There are many ways to create a post. You can hover over “Posts” on the left hand toolbar, Click on “Posts” or hover over your username in the top left-hand corner and then click on “New Post.”


a.This page lets you see all your posts, edit previous posts and write new posts.


11.When you write a new post, be sure to title it with the name of your studio project. Example: Reflections or Concentration No.4.

11                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    a.Then begin your blog with the title of your work. An example of the post title (Concentration #7) and the title of the work (Fisher Price Phone) can be seen in the blue font above the image. You can change the color and font size to create interest and/or just make your post look better.

blog ex

12.To add your photos, click on the “Add Media” button, then drag your files into the window. Select your files to insert into your post from the media button. Make sure your size is listed as large.

a. a

b. 11-2






13.ALWAYS put a CREDIT LINE under your work! It should be formatted like the examples below (be sure to pay attention to punctuation):

Your name, title of the work(capitalized like a book title), year of creation. Medium, size.

Note: If you have over 3 mediums you need to write, Mixed media. If you have 2 mediums, then you may write it either way shown below, however, the first word is the only capital.

Color pencil & pastel OR Color pencil and pastel

Note: Silver Gelatin Print is used for black & white photography and Digital is used for digital photography. Also, for any digital medium, the size of the digital file or resolution is provided instead of the height and width of the actual work.

Note: Size can be listed in any of the following ways, but ALWAYS height x width:

8″ x 10″  OR  8 in. x 10 in.

Here is an example of a work and a credit line:



Genesis Rivas, Fisher Price Phone, 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 24″.

14.After writing your posts, you need to put it into categories. Some example categories you can have are: Darkroom, Film, Digital, Video, Personal, Breadth, Still Life, Social Issue, etc. These help to organize your posts and make them easier for people to see and search.       1212-2

15.And before you publish, tag your These can be more specific than categories and act sort of like hashtags. These help your post be more accessible and searchable. Example tags: darkroom, film, class, photography, school, portraits, one-light, durham, NC, the medium used, the idea, concept, etc.


16.Lastly, publish your post. You can preview it before you publish it to see how it looks on your blog. You can save it as a draft if you do not finish at once. In addition, you can also choose to publish it at a later time.


17.Congratulations! You created a blog and your first post!

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