Summer Assignments

Art is about the way things look and what they mean. It is about issues and ideas, but also about feelings and appearances. AP Studio Art is a creative laboratory in which we can explore with our eyes, our hearts, and our minds. Through art we can come to better understand the world, ourselves, and our place in the world. Art can even help shape the world.

The main goal of AP Studio Art is to create a portfolio of 24 pieces of art, which is due the end of April. That’s 12 pieces BEFORE winter vacation! So, you will need to begin the process of creating over the summer by creating 2 pieces of art. These assignments are absolutely required. Everything is due on your blog before school begins and the actual work is due the first day of class day and will count as your 1st 5 grades!

No.1: Get online! 

No.2: Make a WordPress Blog + Post!

Choose the portfolio type below to continue!

 2-D Design & Drawing


3-D Design

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