Portfolio Submission

Reading the Exams

Each portfolio requires students to demonstrate their understanding and abilities in three aspects of art making: quality, concentration, and breadth. By requiring student engagement in these areas, we can obtain a fairly accurate gauge of their level of artistic development as it relates to introductory college-level study. In order to ensure that students receive a fair and accurate assessment of their work, the Development Committee and the Chief Reader guide the grading process (known as the Reading) that is conducted each June to assess the work of thousands of students from all regions of the United States (and some countries beyond).

-The Role of the AP Studio Art Development Committee  AP Central


 January & February

This is an overview (for specific instructions on uploading or image order, etc. click on the links):

  1. Log in to the Digital Submission Web application as soon as I provide access information. Check with me if you haven’t received this information by mid-February. (View this demo for more information about accessing the application.)
  •  Before you can access the AP Studio Art Digital Submission Web application, you will need to two pieces of access information:

school code:

teacher key

You should expect to receive this access information from me by late January or early February. As soon as possible after you receive this information, go to the sign-in page at http://apstudio.ets.org (shown) and click Set up your access now. Click Student on the following screen to indicate your role.

•Make sure that you have selected the correct type of portfolio (i.e., 2-D Design, 3-D Design, or Drawing). Selecting the correct portfolio type is very important, as it impacts how the portfolio is scored.

After creating an AP account, IMMEDIATELY email your login information, password, and portfolio type to me @ tabitha.eller@acps.k12.va.us (I will not share this with anyone but you when you forget it…) 

•Begin uploading images as soon as possible after accessing the application, so that both you and I can monitor the development of your portfolio. You can always delete, add, or rearrange images later.

March & April

•Continue to work on your portfolio.

•Confirm the deadline for you to submit your final digital portfolio to me.

•The AP Coordinator should provide you with information from your AP Student Pack (your AP number and a list of college codes) by sometime in April. You will need this information before you can forward your digital portfolio to me.

•Submit your finalized digital portfolio to me by MY DESIGNATED DEADLINE.

•After you forward your portfolios to me, sign back in to the Web application occasionally to view your portfolio’s status and to ensure that your Coordinator forwards your portfolios to the AP Program by the deadline in early May. Only Coordinators can take this final step, and only portfolios that have a “Sent to AP” status at the time of this deadline will be received by the AP Program and scored.


•I will triple check over your digital  portfolio and then forward your completed digital portfolio to the AP Coordinator before the deadline in early May.

•Your AP Coordinator will forward your digital portfolio to the AP Program.

• We will begin the assembly of the Quality section (the physical portfolio component)
 to be put in the mail by the same deadline as the digital portfolio.

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