Linear Perspective NAME

Mastery Objective(s): The student will…

  1. demonstrate his/her understanding of 1-point linear perspective by applying the technique in a creative name design.


COLOR PENCIL alone or student choice to mix media with

1. Sharpie Pen and/or 2. Crayola Blending Markers

Creative Constraints:

Composition and Design must

  1. show understanding of 1 point linear perspective
  2. have at least 4 characters – characters must end/be closed (they cannot extend to vanishing point infinitely)
  3. use 80% of your paper (letters and shadows)
  4. demonstrate understanding of BALANCE
  5. be expressive and illustrates your personality!
  6. have a definitive light source showing range of value with highlights and shadows
  7. use COLOR PENCIL with shading and blending technique; show different tints, shades, and dull vs. bright

STEP No.1:

Choose a font that matches your personality!

Go to this website and search the fonts:


Step No.2:

Start your thumbnail sketch:

  1. practice font
  2. choose light source
  3. choose placement of vanishing point
  4. choose background/negative space design
  5. choose COLOR SCHEME

Step No.3:

  1. Get design approved and graded

Step No.4:



EXAMPLES of LINEAR PERSPECTIVE NAMES – NOTE! These samples DO NOT follow the creative constraints above. Student is responsible for problem-solving an effective composition and design!