Mastery Objective(s): The student will…

  1. demonstrate his/her understanding of linear perspective by applying either one, two, or three-point in an artwork featuring an interior view of a space.

Media: open media (your choice), except NO GRAPHITE! IF you want to use GRAPHITE, it MUST be combined and unified with another medium.

Creative Constraints:

  1. paper is given to you in a specific size
  2. must use 80% of your paper
  3. needs to have a definitive light source
  4. Subject Matter: an interior view of a space…
    1. the inside of a metro bus
    2. your bedroom or your dream bedroom
    3. a hallway at school
    4. an imaginary room
  5. Subject Matter: the items in the space must demonstrate your understanding of perspective…
    1. geometric items – tables, desks, chairs, etc.
    2. a design or object on the floor
    3. items on the walls – pictures, mirrors, windows, etc.
  6. Mood: must have a feeling of _____________ (your choice)…
    1. mysterious
    2. humorous, etc.
  7. Point of View:
    1. BIRD’S EYE
    2. WORM’S EYE
    3. above eye-level
    4. below eye-level
    5. @ eye-level

Examples of ONE-POINT Linear Perspective:

Examples of TWO-POINT Linear Perspective:

Examples of THREE-POINT Linear Perspective:

***note: not all of the examples above were intended for this project, so therefore, not all are ‘finished’ and of the quality I expect for your project. They are just examples for you to get ideas from.