Opposites: Inside/Out, Above & Below, or Order/Disorder

2D, Drawing & Photography

Create a work of art surrounding one of these given themes!


Above & Below


Inside/Out: You can take this prompt more literally by asking yourself…What’s it to be on the inside, looking out? Imagine a point of view that people do not typically think about. For example, what is the milk carton’s point of view, looking out from the fridge? Instead of drawing from our point of view…outside looking in…try it differently. (This is what is usually referred to as ‘thinking outside the box’.)within the fridge

Or when we think about the fridge in our homes, we envision the outside, a clunky, rectangular form.

in the fridge

Here is another point of view:


There are other objects and items in our everyday life that we do the same with. For instance, cars are another object that we usually identify with from the outside. What about under the hood, or from within?

inside the engine inside the cab

more literal representations with the human figure or still life objects:

Inside/Out: Or there is always the flip-side of ‘literal’, you could take a more conceptual approach.

Many artists have explored this idea with the human eye:

the human figure:


Other ways to tackle this theme:

Above/Below:We usually can’t see two areas at one time…above the ground and below the ground. However, as an artist we can illustrate the idea of layers or show two things happening at once.

 Or maybe it is just represented with extreme perspective:


 chaos order disorder fingerprint

Or a mental disorder:

od pshyco

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