Get online!


Explore the College Board AP Art website
Go to:
From the home page, go to:
AP Courses and Exams, then to: Course Home Pages, then to: AP Studio Art: Drawing or 2-D Design or 3-D Design, then to: AP Studio Art Portfolio Page.

Explore this page, look at samples of student work from previous years in each of the portfolio sections; Quality, Concentration, and Breadth. Specifically look at the various Concentration portfolios that students have done. Select one of these portfolios that you find particularly interesting and print the images off. Be prepared to explain your selection with the class upon your return to school.

Explore the Student Art Guide
Go to:
Look at everything…soak it up.


Explore my AP Art website

Go to:

Go through each menu tab, paying close attention to the Breadth Section including each page for the Breadth Assignments (Portraits, Perspective, Social Issues, Skeleton, Foreshortening, etc.).



CREATE A PINTEREST ACCOUNT and make an “INSPIRATION” board and start pinning…then go to some of these websites in step ‘d’ and pin some more…and follow me, so I can send you pins, etc.

Here is how to set-up a pinterest account:

Happy Pinning!


Explore other sites too!

Go to:

Go to:

Go to:

Go to:


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