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I usually save this project for after you have already learned perspective, drapery, figure drawing and after you have had lots of experience with a variety of media and have found a few favorites. This is usually one of the best pieces students make all year, or one of the worst. The compositions are dynamic but if you don’t get the distortions right, it’s an epic fail.


1.  For this project you and your classmates will work together to take photos to work from. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES for this drawing. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one good one for every 20 photos you take. Experiment with different interesting viewpoints (bird’s eye view, ant’s eye view etc.) and positions for the human figure which show extreme foreshortening. It’s your piece so you should decide the following BEFORE you check out a camera Who’s the PHOTOGRAPHER? Who’s holding the light? Who’s modeling? Which job are you doing? If you’re not modeling, I recommend that you take the photos so you can see exactly how it looks.

2.  Once you’ve printed your photo, do several thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook before starting on the large (18”x 24”) paper. It’s NOT easy to draw a foreshortened figure.  Remember: Draw what you see, not what you think it should look like! Work upside down and use a quadrant system to help you. Block in your drawing showing the distortions created by foreshortening. I’ve put some great tutorials on HOW to draw a foreshortened figure at the bottom of this page- use them!

3.  Put the figure in an interesting environment- either realistic or abstract, which enhances the composition.

4.  You may use any medium you wish except graphite.

Critique / Evaluation:

Did you effectively create the illusion of foreshortening?

Does the figure’s anatomy look realistic and accurate; especially the parts which are foreshortened?

Did you use an interesting viewpoint?

Does the background enhance the composition?



Need help with FORESHORTENING?

Need more examples?

Here’s a great website on foreshortening:

link to Carrie King’s pinterest board with LOTS of images of foreshortening:

link to my pinterest boards on foreshortening & perspective:




1. Theme & Concept

2. Prop

3. 3-5 final photos

4. Can be self portrait or portrait of someone else

5. You must have LIGHT PLAN

 Teenage Photographer Creates Delightful Photo Series of Miniature People

andy warhol "Youth has no age." -Pablo Picasso | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Self Portrait MamaOwl Photography

(via Sehnsucht)

  by Wang.Wei Conceptual project Incredible Self Portraits by 14-Year-Old Photographer | DeMilked

Enchanting Surreal Worlds by Vincent Bourilhon the mind is restless, turbulent, strong and difficult to subdue as the wind.”                                                               --Bhagavad-Gita Paul Schmidt frances berry "memory extended" series   frances berry "memory extended" series

  spirit By ladybugrock on Flickr Sarah Bodri Don't introduce resistance to the present by trying to figure out what happened before. *Abraham-Hicks Madness, Conceptual Photography Ideas Italian photographer Giulia Pesarin captures the beauty of the human body in motion. Francesca Woodman | mirror mirror on the wall | reflection | fine art photography | black & white | 

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