“Today, the landscape continues to be a subject artists turn to when contemplating the ways we relate to the places where we live and the impact we as humans have on the land.” – The J. Paul Getty Museum

Let’s explore 4 historical pieces and how the Principles of Design and atmospheric perspective are used in each one…

landscape with a Calm

Landscape with a Calm

Nicolas Poussin
French, 1650–1651
Oil on canvas
52 3/4 x 39 in.


Grotto of Sarrazine near Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne

Gustave Courbet
French, about 1864
Oil on canvas
19 11/16 x 23 5/8 in.


Landscape Near Ornans

Gustave Courbet
French, about 1864
Oil on canvas
35 x 50 1/8 in.
Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio

william garnett

Los Angeles Sprawl

William A. Garnett
American, 1954
Gelatin silver print
13 7/16 x 10 3/8 in.

Process: Student will create a work of art or photograph based on landscape composition with focus on landscape of urban or rural areas, and/or architecture.

Options or Varieties of Landscapes:

Works focused on concept of environmental issues & controversy: Famine, Drought, Pollution, Overpopulation, Destruction of the Rainforest, Ozone Hole, Endangered Species, Old-Growth Deforestation, Off-Shore Drilling, nonnative species introduction

carrie king fauve treeCarrie King’s Fauve Tree/Landscape Breadth Project

terrence gasca crossing chicago oils 24 x 24 terrence gasca adorned in light oil on panel 22 x 22

terrance gasca montage

Terrence Gasca 



Edward Hopper

Richard Diebenkorn

rd invented landscape  Invented Landscape, 1966

acrylic on paper
18 × 23 in

richard deibenkorn horizon view

Horizon Ocean View, 1959.

richard deibenkorn horizon view

Cityscape #1, 1963

oil on canvas
60 1/5 × 50 2/5 in

Wayne Thiebaud



Andreas Feninger

Henri Rousseau


Charles Sheeler



Blast Furnace and Dust Catcher – Ford Plant, 1927; gelatin silver print.

cs american landscape

American Landscape, 1930; Oil on canvas. 24 x 31″

Richard Bunkall

Works on Paper

richard bunkall

Columbus Avenue, 1987; charcoal on paper, 37” x 27”.


richard bunkall2

The Globe Theater, 1992; oil on canvas36” x 59”.

David Hockney

david hockney

Bolton Junction, Eccleshill, 1956. Oil on board, 122 x 101.5 cm.

dh2 dh3

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Jeremy Mann

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