Dozen Drawing

DOZEN Drawing: tonal drawing of 12 objects

Step No. 1: Thumbnail Drawings

  • use the stencil provided and trace 12 thumbnails to plan for 12 compositions
  • in each thumbnail, draw a quick contour line sketch to show the placement of each object within the frame while considering…
    • have a number of challenging subjects been included?
    • think about how to effectively place the object within the space of the rectangle: has the negative space been well-incorporated as a compositional component?

For example, look at the placement of the die and the shadows of each within the composition.


Step No. 2: Final Layout

  • use the stencil provided to draw 12 frames for final drawing
  • line paper up with the edges of stencil, making sure that all edges are flush
  • draw the frames with a thin, gray sharpie pen (so your frames do not erase as you are working on objects)

Step No. 3: Final Drawing

  • consider the balance of the 12 drawings as a whole – you want the viewer’s eye to move around the entire work
  • begin drawing the 12 objects within the 12 frames while considering…
    • is there a broad range of values (@ least 7)?
    • have the values been accurately recorded to add dimension to the objects?
    • do the drawings reflect skilled handling of the pencil as a drawing tool?
    • do the drawings reflect thorough observation?