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foamboard   IMG_5832

The best material for building the basic structure of our Character Totems is Foam Board!

Foam Board is sold at local stores like Dollar Store, Target, Walmart, Staples and Michael’s Art Supply. And of course, you can find it on Amazon.

A cube has 6 sides and our totems range between 8 by 8 inches to 11 by 11 inches. This means each student will need at least 3-4 large sheets. It is usually sold in sizes of 16 x 20 and 22 x 30. *Because we are cutting out squares to make our cubes, please do not get the tri-fold boards! We will be happy to accept donations if you can grab an extra or two:)

Also, we need some recycling…for example:


paper towel rolls   •   toilet paper rolls   •   plastic containers with or without lids   •   plastic or cardboard lids   •   plastic easter eggs   •   plastic candy containers   •   styrofoam cups   •   tinfoil   •   pill bottles   •   milk jug handles   • egg cartons

any plastic or cardboard (lightweight) recycling with fun/funky shapes and forms

 please no glass or large plastic containers