ART Classroom Transformation!


Are you my student and need EXTRA CREDIT – then looky here! Cast your vote in all 3 categories below and the points will magically appear in the gradebook 🙂


The 2015-2016 school year is almost over and I have slowly been transforming my classroom into the environment that I desire for my students and I to be in on a daily basis. I tell my students that my desk is my ‘sacred space’, like their backpacks; but also my classroom is just as important to me because I live in it. The majority of my days are spent in this space shared with over 100 other beings.

It really bothers me as a Visual Art Teacher when I walk into other teacher’s classrooms and they are boring, messy, or just plain visually unappealing. My environment has always had such an effect on me in an academic and artistic setting – I find it easier to feel settled, get focused and be happy in a visually rich surrounding.

One of my classes has been working to ‘transform’ the room with paint! I wanted to make areas in the room that were functional as well as unify in with an overall design to produce a harmonious setting for my budding artists to explore and create in.

Our next step is to put several quotes all in different fonts on a wall of cabinets. I myself, can be a very indecisive person at times, especially when it involves something kinda permanent – so to make it easy on me, I would like my students and people I know who care about my classroom to have a say as to what goes on my cabinets!

I have separated them into 3 different categories to vote from: ART, CREATIVITY + LIFE. Please take the time to vote once in each category. You may vote for only 5 quotes in each category. Also, these are images that I uploaded from Pinterest, however, remember that my students and I will not necessarily be painting them on the cabinets they way they appear in the image. So, please vote on the words and meaning of the quotes versus the ‘style’ of the image.

Remember, please submit only once, 5 in each category! Votes will be tallied on Tuesday, June 7th, 2016!



Vote here for ART Quotes Category!



Vote here for CREATIVITY Quotes Category!



Vote here for LIFE Quotes Category!

Thank you for voting! There will be pictures when we are finished!!!

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