Daily Points!

stay calm and create

Congrats to every single one of my 17 AP Studio Art students for following through beautifully with their daily points!

Daily Points are a way for each student to plan and acknowledge their goals for every 90 minute class period. And daily points work…it puts the responsibility of learning in their own hands and holds them accountable. We go over our Agenda and Learning Targets for each day. Based on both of those, the students write down one to three objectives they have to successfully accomplish by the end of class. Before they leave class, they write a simple yes or no as to whether they succeeded. 

Today, each of them were focused and used every minute of studio time wisely. Every one of my kids were buzzing around setting up their still lifes and as soon as they were finished they went straight into sketching. Their first in-class studio project for Breadth is under way.  I’m so proud! 

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